Ariel Concentrated
6kg 7.670 OMR
Detergent Powder- Green
6kg 7.850 OMR
Automatic Detergent Powder- Green
4.5kg 6.180 OMR

Big D

Anti Static Spray
350ml 1.290 OMR


Clorox Original
3000ml 2.920 OMR
Clothes Floral
3000ml 2.920 OMR
Clothes Powder White
460gm 1.640 OMR
Clothes Powder Colour
500gm 1.560 OMR
Clorox Original 3.7l
3.78l 2.200 OMR


Fabric Conditioner Concentrate Elegant Gardenia
1.5ltr 2.570 OMR
Fabric Conditioner Concentrate for Baby
1.5ltr 2.600 OMR
Fabric Conditioner Dilute Flora Soft
3ltr 2.330 OMR
Fabric Conditioner Dilute Spring Dew-Blue
3ltr 2.330 OMR


Concentrate Fabric Softner Valley Dew
1.5ltr 2.500 OMR
Concentrate Fabric Softner Dream Garden
1ltr 2.250 OMR
Concentrate Fabric Softner Floral Breeze
1.5ltr 2.500 OMR

Dr. Beckmann

Pre Wash Stain Remover
250ml 1.770 OMR
Stain Spray Deo & Sweat
250ml 1.300 OMR
Odour Remover /Laundry Rinse
250ml 2.110 OMR
Hygiene White
500ml 2.590 OMR
Stain Devils- Blood & Dairy
50ml 1.690 OMR
Stain Devils- Removes Mud, Grass & Makeup-up
50ml 1.650 OMR
Stain Devils- Removes Cooking Oil & Fat
50ml 1.670 OMR
Stain Devils- Removes Ballpoint Ink & Felt-tip
50ml 1.680 OMR
Roll-On Stain remover
75ml 2.100 OMR


Laundry Bleach
400gm 2.490 OMR
Ecover Zero Laundry Liquid
1.5l 6.990 OMR
Ecover Fabric Softener
1ltr 3.190 OMR
Sensitive Wool & Delicates Laundry Liqued
1ltr 3.190 OMR
All purpose Cleaner Lemongrass&Ginger
1l 3.290 OMR
Fabric Softner
750ml 3.190 OMR


OMO Active SA Auto
1.5kg 2.200 OMR
OMO Active 260g
260ggm 0.600 OMR
Powder Active Comfort
3kg 3.850 OMR
OMO Active Auto LS 260g
260gm 0.500 OMR


Persil Gel Lavender
3ltr 4.480 OMR
Persil Gel Sensitive
3ltr 4.900 OMR
Powder Front and Top load
7.5kg 7.650 OMR
Persil Gel Lavender 1 L
1l 1.800 OMR
Persil Premium Gel
850ml 1.900 OMR
Persil Powder 360 Cleanliness
6kg 5.130 OMR
Persil Bio Small and Mighty
875ml 5.100 OMR
Concentrated Power Gel White Flowers
3l 5.300 OMR
Concentrated Power Gel
3l 4.950 OMR


Free & Gentle Detergent
2.95l 13.500 OMR
Automatic Original Scent Detergent Powder
4.5kg 4.790 OMR
Jasmine Scent Detergent Powder
4.5kg 4.790 OMR
With Essence Of Freshness Detergent
4.5kg 4.890 OMR
Tide Concentrated Powder with Downy Freshness
6kg 7.550 OMR


Stain Remover Liquid 500ml
500ml 2.650 OMR
Stain Remover Liquid
1.8ltr 2.750 OMR
Stain Remover for Whites Liquid 500ml
500ml 0.950 OMR
Stain Remover for Whites Liquid
1.8ltr 2.650 OMR
Stain Remover Oxi Action Intelligent Powder
250gm 1.170 OMR
Stain Remover Oxi Action Intelligent Powder
500gm 2.600 OMR
Vanish Oxi Multi Powder
1kg 2.500 OMR
Vanish Crystal White without Chlorine
1.8ltr 3.880 OMR
Vanish Liquid 900ml Crystal White
900ml 1.550 OMR