Aerosol Air Freshner Rose
300ml 1.290 OMR
Aerosol Air Freshner Lavender
300ml 1.290 OMR
Out Of Stock
Aerosol Air Freshner Jasmine
300ml 1.290 OMR


Pure Baking Soda
454gm 1.390 OMR


Essential Everyday Charcoal Briquets
4kg 3.200 OMR
Grill Time Ridge Charcoal
2.04kg 2.400 OMR


Storage Bags- Double Zipper
15pcs 1.090 OMR
Sandwich Bags 300 pcs
300pcs 1.625 OMR
Sandwich Bags 50 pcs
50pcs 1.150 OMR
Classic Film Plastic 100 ft
1pack 1.000 OMR
Classic Film Plastic 200 ft
1pack 1.350 OMR
Classic Film Plastic 300 ft
1pack 1.990 OMR
Sandwich Bags 80 pcs
80pcs 0.610 OMR
Sandwich Bags 150 pcs
150pcs 0.950 OMR
Tall Kitchen Bags
30pcs 2.300 OMR
Large Trash Bags
20pcs 2.300 OMR


Toilet Bowl Cleaner Regluer
709ml 1.120 OMR
Toilet Bowl Cleaner Fresh Scent
709ml 1.120 OMR
Toilet Cleaner Tough Stain Remover
709ml 1.280 OMR
Toilet Cleaner Cleaning Bleach Gel
709ml 1.120 OMR
Quick Eraser Sponge
2pcs 1.150 OMR
Scrub Singles Citrus Blend Kitchen
14pcs 5.120 OMR
Scrub Singles Rain Clean Bathroom
12pcs 5.120 OMR


Antiseptic New Formula
500ml 1.340 OMR
Antiseptic New Formula 750ml
750ml 1.920 OMR
Disinfectant pine 1.5ltr
1.5ltr 1.160 OMR
Disinfectant Flora 1.5kg
1.5ltr 1.060 OMR
Disinfectant Rose
1.5ltr 2.130 OMR
Disinfectant Lavender 1.5ltr
1.5ltr 1.160 OMR
Disinfectant Bakhour
1.5ltr 1.160 OMR
Disinfectant pine
3ltr 2.130 OMR
Disinfectant Flora
3ltr 2.130 OMR
Disinfectant Rose 3ltr
3ltr 2.130 OMR
Disinfectant Lavender 3 ltr
3ltr 2.130 OMR
Disinfectant Bakhour 3ltr
3ltr 2.130 OMR
Multi Purpose Cleaner lemon spray
500ml 1.320 OMR
Glass Cleaner Blue
400ml 0.730 OMR
Bathroom cleansing Spray
500ml 1.450 OMR
Drain Opener
500gm 1.140 OMR
Dac Drain Opener
1kg 1.620 OMR


Dettol Kitchen Cleaner Spray
500ml 2.290 OMR
Dettol Glass Cleaner
500ml 1.800 OMR
Dettol Bathroom Power Cleaner
500ml 1.950 OMR
Antiseptic Liquid 500ml
500ml 1.990 OMR
Antiseptic Liquid 750ml
750ml 2.990 OMR
Antiseptic Liquid
2ltr 5.990 OMR
Antiseptic Liquid 4l
4ltr 11.950 OMR
Out Of Stock
Anti-Bacterial Wipes 40's
40'spcs 2.950 OMR
Dettol All Purpose Power Cleaner
500ml 1.950 OMR
Dettol Surface Disnfectant
500ml 1.950 OMR


Out Of Stock
Zipper Bags Frezr Medum
20pcs 0.850 OMR
Diamond Cling wrap 200 ft
1pack 1.250 OMR
Diamond Cling Wrap 300 Sq ft
1pack 1.550 OMR
Paper Aluminium
1pack 0.680 OMR
Sandwich Zipper Bags 50
50pcs 0.950 OMR
Diamond Cling Wrap 500ft
1pack 2.390 OMR
Paper Aluminium 150m
1pack 8.290 OMR
Zipper Bags Frezr Large
15pcs 1.000 OMR

Dr. Beckmann

Out Of Stock
Oven Cleaner Active Gel Spray
376ml 1.800 OMR
Ceramic, Gas & Halogen Hob Cleaner
250ml 1.800 OMR


Battery Puls Power AA
4pcs 1.500 OMR
Battery Puls Power AAA
4pcs 2.200 OMR
Battery Ultra Power AAA
4pcs 2.100 OMR
Battery Ultra Power AA
4pcs 2.100 OMR

Eco Force

Recycled Super Soft Dusters
10pcs 1.800 OMR


Bathroom Cleaner
500ml 3.290 OMR
Toilet Cleaner
750ml 3.490 OMR
Limescale Remover
500ml 2.750 OMR
Ecover Cream Cleaner
500ml 2.500 OMR
Ecover Comomile Washing Up Liquid
950ml 2.850 OMR


Energizer Maz Plus AAA
4+2pcs 2.250 OMR
Energizer Maz Plus AA
8pcs 3.200 OMR
Energizer Maz Plus AAA8
8pcs 3.200 OMR
Energizer Maz Plus AA 8pcs
4+2pcs 2.250 OMR

Enviro Care

Quick Tie Drawstring Bags 30Gallons
20pcs 1.350 OMR
Quick Tie Wave Top 30 Gallons
20pcs 1.350 OMR
Antimicrobial Gloves( S )
1pack 1.500 OMR
Heavy Duty Garbage Bags
30pcs 1.250 OMR
Out Of Stock
Heavy Duty Oxo Bio-degradable Garbage Bags 10 Gallons
30pcs 0.750 OMR
Quick Tie Drawstring Bags 60 Gallons
10pcs 1.300 OMR
Wave Top Garbage Bags 67 Gallons
10pcs 1.650 OMR
Heavy Duty Bio-Degradable Garbage Bag 30 Gallons
20pcs 1.790 OMR
Bio Degredable Garbage Bags 55 Gallons
15pcs 2.100 OMR
79 Gallons Bio Degradble Bags
10pcs 2.150 OMR


Dishwash Antibacterial
800ml 1.420 OMR
Dishwash Reguler
750ml 1.200 OMR
Dishwash Platinum Lemon 800ml
800ml 1.300 OMR
Dishwash Platinum Lemon
1050ml 1.800 OMR
Fairy Lemon 1.5L
1.5l 1.650 OMR


Baking Paper
1pack 0.770 OMR
Wax Paper
1pack 0.690 OMR
Out Of Stock
Zipper Bags 40 Bages
40pcs 1.350 OMR
Aluminum Foil
1pack 7.100 OMR
Falcon Cling Film 450mm
1pack 3.350 OMR


Out Of Stock
Dispoasable Vinly Gloves M
100pcs 1.890 OMR
Out Of Stock
Dispoasable Vinly Gloves S
100pcs 1.890 OMR


Out Of Stock
Biodegradable Garbage Bag (Large 56 L)
18pcs 1.300 OMR
Bio Degradable Ktchen Tidy Bag (35L)
25pcs 1.380 OMR
Out Of Stock
Indoor Garbage Bags
30pcs 0.690 OMR
Glad Garbage Bags
1pack 1.750 OMR
Kitchen Tidy Bags Oxo-Biodegradable
1pack 1.200 OMR
Large Indoor Garbage Bags
20pcs 0.600 OMR


Natural Bathroom Cleaner
750ml 2.400 OMR
Glass cleaner
750ml 1.060 OMR
Out Of Stock
Woodcare Polish
750ml 2.400 OMR

Green Shield

Bathroom Surface Wipes 70pcs
70pcs 2.500 OMR


Toilet Cleaner Liquid Original
500ml 1.120 OMR
Toilet Cleaner Liquid Original 1l
1ltr 1.840 OMR
Toilet Cleaner Liquid Pine 500ml
500ml 1.120 OMR
Toilet Cleaner Liquid Pine
1ltr 1.840 OMR
Toilet Cleaner Liquid Peach & Jasmine 500ml
500ml 2.240 OMR
Toilet Cleaner Liquid Peach & Jasmine
1ltr 1.840 OMR


Reusable Microwaveable Containers with Lid 1000 ML
5pcs 0.825 OMR
Reusable Microwaveable Containers with Lid 750 ML
5pcs 0.775 OMR
Reusable Microwaveable Containers with Lid 500 ML
5pcs 0.650 OMR
Microwaveable Round Containers 250 ML
5pcs 0.550 OMR

Jabal Akhdar

Jabal Akhdar Facial Tissue 2 Py 5 x 150
150 x 5pcs 1.450 OMR


Jif Cream Regular
750ml 1.400 OMR
Jif Cream with Lemon
500ml 1.080 OMR
Out Of Stock
Ultra Fast Kitchen Spray
500ml 1.550 OMR
Original cleaner
500ml 1.090 OMR
Cream with Lemon
750ml 1.400 OMR
Jif Spray Everywhere
500ml 1.750 OMR


Facial Tissue Daily Care (130's)
5pcs 2.150 OMR
Collection Soft Pack Faical Tissue
8pcs 2.110 OMR
Toilet Tissue Dry Soft
4rolls 1.050 OMR
Toilet Tissue White
9rolls 2.450 OMR
Out Of Stock
Kleenex Daily Care 170s
5pack 2.800 OMR
Out Of Stock
Kleenex Kitchen Towel 25 CM
2pack 2.575 OMR
Dry Soft
4pcs 0.900 OMR
Toilet Tissue Extra Dry
4rolls 1.290 OMR
Maxi Roll Viva
1pack 1.950 OMR
Out Of Stock
Viva Calorie Absorb 3 + 1 Towels
3+1pcs 1.850 OMR
Re-Usable Kitchen Towels
56pcs 1.700 OMR
Viva Duramax
94pcs 1.837 OMR

LUX Sunlight

Dishwash Liquid Regular 400ml
400ml 0.950 OMR
Dishwash Liquid Regular
750ml 0.950 OMR
Dishwash Liquid Lemon 400ml
400ml 0.610 OMR
Dishwash Liquid Lemon
750ml 0.950 OMR

M Green

Double Sponge
1pack 3.680 OMR
Mgreen Sponge
1pack 3.240 OMR


Extra Resistant Natural Pulp Round Plate
10pcs 1.375 OMR
Natural Pulp Round Plate 23CmX10
10pcs 3.278 OMR
Extra Resistant Natural Pulp Oval Plate
10pcs 1.639 OMR

Organic People

Kitchen Cleaning Spray
500ml 4.020 OMR
Glass & Mirror cleaning Spray
500ml 3.200 OMR


Out Of Stock
Gloves medium 100s
1pack 1.890 OMR
Out Of Stock
Gloves large 100s
1pack 1.790 OMR
Gloves Small 100s
100pcs 1.790 OMR


Out Of Stock
Lemon Splash Scent Gel Dishwasher
1.27kg 2.350 OMR
Ultra Dish Liquid
739ml 2.490 OMR

Pif Paf

Pif Paf Click
400ml 1.500 OMR
Pif Paf All Insect Killer
300ml 1.250 OMR

Planet Pure

Organic Floor Cleaner-Brilliant Clean
510ml 4.850 OMR


Out Of Stock
Disposable Gloves - Small
1pack 1.850 OMR
Out Of Stock
Disposable Gloves - Medium
1pack 1.850 OMR
Out Of Stock
Disposable Gloves - Large
1pack 1.850 OMR
Out Of Stock
Disposable Gloves - X-Large
1pack 1.850 OMR
Cling Film
1pack 0.450 OMR
Aluminium Foil (30cm x 75 Sq.Ft)
1pack 1.850 OMR
Sanita Club Garbage Bag 30g
20pcs 0.760 OMR
Tie Bag 55gallons
1pack 2.950 OMR
Sanita Trash Bags 5 Gallon
30pcs 0.550 OMR
Large Bags 50 Gallons
20pcs 1.200 OMR
Sanita Trash Bags 8 Gallon
30pcs 0.600 OMR
Scented Trash Bags 5 Gallon
30pcs 0.600 OMR
Sanita Tie Bags
20pcs 0.890 OMR
Heavy duty (55G)
15pcs 1.350 OMR
Clear Plastic Sandwich Bags
150pcs 1.000 OMR
Storage Bags Large (26.8 x 27.3cm)
1pack 1.600 OMR

Scotch Brite

Out Of Stock
Dust Pan&Brush w/Rubber
1pcs 1.350 OMR
Multi-Purpose Gloves Medium
2pcs 0.900 OMR
Sponge Cloth Ultra 3+1 pcs
4pcs 1.350 OMR
Carpet Brush w/stick
2pcs 2.600 OMR
Nail Saver 2+1
3pcs 0.600 OMR
Easy Stain Eraser
2pcs 1.100 OMR
Natural Sponge Cloth
3pcs 1.690 OMR
Microfibre Kitchen Cleaning Cloth
1pack 1.780 OMR
Sponge Cloth Ultra
5pcs 1.550 OMR
Sponge Cloth Ultra 3 pcs
3pcs 1.100 OMR
Microfibre Glass Cleaning Cloth
1pack 1.150 OMR
Microfibre Bathroom Cloth
1pack 1.790 OMR
Sponge Cloth Natural
5pcs 1.550 OMR
Multi-Purpose Gloves Small
2pcs 0.790 OMR


Facial Tissue 160s
160'spcs 2.100 OMR
Scott Kitchen Towels
2pack 2.100 OMR


Tanuf Facial Tissue 2 Py 5 x 150
151 x 5pcs 1.850 OMR


Easyring & Clean Mop
1pcs 13.300 OMR
Out Of Stock
Sponge Glitzi
1pcs 0.850 OMR
Glitzi Jumbo Bath XXL
1pcs 0.550 OMR
Easyring & Clean Mop refill
1pcs 2.990 OMR
Multi Pack x8 Microfibre
30x30cm 2.300 OMR
Vileda Actifibre
1pack 1.200 OMR
Vileda Glitzi Inox 1 pcs
1pcs 0.525 OMR
Vileda Glitzi Inox 2 pcs
2pcs 0.780 OMR
Anti Slip Pattern Gloves
1pack 0.990 OMR
Triple Protection Gloves
1pack 1.200 OMR
Glitzi Inox 5
5 x 1pack 1.150 OMR