Chicken Breast-Chilled
500gm 1.950 OMR
Chicken Drumstick-Chilled
500gm 1.580 OMR
Out Of Stock
Mixed Cut Chicken-Chilled
1000gm 1.850 OMR
Chicken Thighs-Chilled
1000gm 2.250 OMR
Boneless / Skinless Chicken Breast-Chilled
1000gm 3.400 OMR
Fresh Chiken-Chilled
1000X2gm 3.400 OMR
Fresh Chiken-Chilled1kg
1000gm 1.720 OMR
Chicken Thighs
500gm 1.890 OMR


Activia Fresh Laban
180ml 0.190 OMR
Activia Fresh Laban 375ml
375ml 0.320 OMR
Activa Laban
375ml 0.320 OMR
Activa Laban Low Fat
375ml 0.320 OMR
Activa Laban
180ml 0.250 OMR
Activa Laban Low Fat
180ml 0.250 OMR

Al Mudhish

Al Mudhish Instant Full Cream Milk Powder
900gm 2.350 OMR
Al Mudhish Instant Full Cream Milk Powder 2.5kg
2.5kg 5.100 OMR

Al Rawabi

Yoghurt x6
90x6gm 0.525 OMR
400gm 0.250 OMR
yoghurt 1Kg
1kg 0.650 OMR
Rawabi Up
200ml 0.100 OMR
Fresh Rawabi Up
250ml 0.160 OMR
Fresh Laban Full Cream
1ltr 0.620 OMR
Al Rawabi up
250x9ml 1.380 OMR


Labneh Lite
200gm 0.410 OMR
Shredded Mozzarella Lite
200gm 1.130 OMR
Cheese Slice For Sandwich
200gm 0.610 OMR
Out Of Stock
Cheddar Cheese Slice
200gm 0.800 OMR
Feta Cheese Full Fat Easy Open
200gm 0.620 OMR
Premium labneh Full Fat
400gm 1.280 OMR
Burger Cheese Slices
200gm 0.680 OMR
Cheddar Cheese Tin
113gm 0.450 OMR
Cheddar Slices Fat Free
200gm 1.020 OMR
Cheddar Cheese Reduced Fat
500gm 1.910 OMR
Cheddar Cheese Tin Low Fat
113gm 0.510 OMR
Fresh Milk Full Fat
2ltr 1.130 OMR
Almarai Evaporated Milk 6x170g
6x170gm 1.020 OMR
Plain Yoghurt Full Fat
6x170gm 0.630 OMR
Yoghurt Full Fat
1kg 0.750 OMR
Plain Yoghurt Low Fat
6x170gm 0.600 OMR
Fresh yoghurt Full Cream
500gm 0.310 OMR
Chocolate Custard
85gm 0.100 OMR
Fresh yoghurt Low Fat
1kg 0.670 OMR
Almarai Creme Caramel
100gm 0.110 OMR
Vanilla Custard
85gm 0.100 OMR
Almarai Unsalted Butter 100g
100gm 0.500 OMR
Unsalted Butter
400gm 1.800 OMR
Almarai Butter Unsalted 200g
200gm 0.850 OMR
Pure Butter ghee
400gm 2.160 OMR
Fresh Cream Full Fat
100gm 0.550 OMR
Fresh Cream Lite
100gm 0.550 OMR
Cooking Cream Almarai
1ltr 2.500 OMR
Cream / gaimer
250ml 0.620 OMR
Whipping Cream 250ml
250ml 0.900 OMR
Whipping Cream 500ml
500ml 1.710 OMR
Lite Cooking Cream
500ml 1.710 OMR
Whipping Cream Lite
500ml 1.710 OMR
Fresh Full Fat Laban
360ml 0.270 OMR
Fresh Low Fat Laban
360ml 0.270 OMR
Mango Laban
180ml 0.130 OMR
Vetal Laban Low Fat
180ml 0.130 OMR
Almarai Up 180ml
180ml 0.160 OMR
200ml 0.480 OMR
Full Fat Fresh Laban
1ltr 0.550 OMR
Low Fat Fresh Laban
1ltr 0.550 OMR
Vetal Fresh Laban Full Fat
1ltr 0.590 OMR
Vetal Fresh Laban Low Fat
340ml 0.350 OMR
Strawberry Flavoured Laban
340ml 0.250 OMR
Almarai Fresh Laban Low Fat
180ml 0.180 OMR
Almarai Fresh Laban Full Fat
180ml 0.180 OMR
Butter Salted 200g
200gm 0.900 OMR
Butter Unsalted 1Kg
1kg 4.300 OMR
Almarai Fresh milk Full Fat 1ltr
1ltr 0.590 OMR
Almarai Fresh milk Low Fat 500ml
500ml 0.310 OMR
Almarai Fresh milk Low Fat 180ml
180ml 0.150 OMR
Almarai Fresh milk Full Fat 180ml
180ml 0.150 OMR


Amul Butter Unsalted
500gm 1.700 OMR
Amul Butter Unsalted 200gm
100gm 0.400 OMR
Amul Butter Salted 200gm
200gm 0.400 OMR


Barka Brown Egg 6pcs
6pcs 0.540 OMR
White Egg
6pcs 0.540 OMR
Brown large Eggs Family Pack
15pcs 1.360 OMR
White large Eggs Family Pack
15pcs 1.360 OMR
Brown large Eggs
30pcs 2.190 OMR
White large Eggs
30pcs 2.200 OMR


Beef Mince New Zealand
500gm 2.290 OMR
Indian Beef Mince
1pack 1.750 OMR
New Zealand Beef Mince
1pack 2.350 OMR
Indian Beef Boneless
1pcs 1.400 OMR


Cappuccino With Camel Milk
230ml 1.500 OMR
Camel Milk
235ml 1.675 OMR


Out Of Stock
Norwegian Salmon Fillet
325gm 2.990 OMR


Dana Med Premium White
30pcs 2.100 OMR
Dana Twin Pack Eggs
60pcs 3.650 OMR
Medium Premium Brown Egg
30pcs 1.960 OMR
Large Premium White Eggs
15pcs 1.320 OMR
Large Premium Brown Eggs
30pcs 2.180 OMR
15 Brown Eggs-Large Premium
15pcs 1.320 OMR

Elle & Vire

Light Yoghurt / Strawberry x4
125x4gm 1.190 OMR
Light Yoghurt / Mango x4
125x4gm 1.190 OMR
Light Yoghurt / Mixed Berry x4
125x4gm 1.190 OMR
Unsalted Butter Rolls
500gm 2.070 OMR
75% Fat Free Butter
250gm 1.460 OMR
E&V Spray Whipping Cream
235ml 1.570 OMR
E&V Low Fat Spray Whipping Cream
250gm 1.570 OMR
Out Of Stock
Whipping Cream
1l 2.635 OMR
Cooking Cream
1l 2.860 OMR

Elle Vire

Vanila Dairy Pudding
4x100gm 1.300 OMR
Out Of Stock
Greek Rasberry
4x125gm 1.300 OMR


Butter 500g Flora
500gm 2.500 OMR
Orginal Butter 500g Flora
500gm 2.050 OMR
Orginal Butter 250g Flora
250gm 1.450 OMR
Orginal Butter Plant Based Oils
250gm 1.690 OMR


Edam Cheese Mild
150gm 1.350 OMR
Gouda Slice Cheese
150gm 1.350 OMR


3kg 3.000 OMR
Out Of Stock
1kg 1.790 OMR
1pcs 1.200 OMR
1kg 0.890 OMR
1kg 0.860 OMR
1pcs 1.500 OMR
Kiwi New Zealand
1kg 2.750 OMR
1kg 1.050 OMR
Black Grapes
500gm 0.800 OMR
Green Grapes
500gm 1.790 OMR
Lemon 500g
500gm 0.890 OMR
Guajava Thailand
1pack 4.200 OMR
Conference Pears Ready To Eat Nolla
1pack 2.590 OMR
Out Of Stock
1pack 2.890 OMR
Italian Red Plum
1kg 1.500 OMR
Indian Chico
1kg 1.690 OMR
Egyptian Guava
1kg 1.290 OMR
1kg 0.790 OMR
Australian Apricot
1kg 3.200 OMR
Dragon Fruit
1kg 3.400 OMR


Hampshire Sour Cream
453gm 3.500 OMR


Thick Cream 125ml
125ml 0.250 OMR
Thick Cream 250ml
250ml 0.380 OMR


Square Portions
6pcs 0.470 OMR
Cream Spreadable Tub
350gm 1.480 OMR
Kiri Jar
440gm 1.690 OMR
Full Fat Kiri Jar Cheese
230gm 0.900 OMR


Philadelphia Light
180gm 1.490 OMR
Out Of Stock
180gm 1.350 OMR
Cheddar Cheese Spread Original
480gm 2.670 OMR
Cheddar Cheese Spread Original 790 gm
790gm 2.670 OMR
Spreadable Original Squeeze
440gm 1.670 OMR
Cream Cheese Spread 840g
840gm 2.990 OMR
Slice Cheese Singles
200gm 0.840 OMR
Slice Cheese Singles Light
200gm 0.870 OMR
Cheddar Cheese Can 50g
50gm 0.280 OMR
Cheddar Cheese Can 100g
106gm 0.460 OMR
Cheddar Cheese Can 190g
190gm 0.710 OMR
Cream Cheese Spread
890gm 2.440 OMR
Cheddar Cheese Spread Original 870gm
870gm 2.450 OMR
Original Kraft Sliced Cheese
400gm 1.600 OMR
Processed Cheddar Cheese
250gm 1.290 OMR

La Vache Quirit

Dip & Crunch
35x4gm 1.100 OMR


Butter Unsalted 100g
100gm 0.550 OMR
Butter Salted 100g
100gm 0.550 OMR
Butter garlic
125gm 0.850 OMR
Butter Unsalted 200g
200gm 0.860 OMR
Butter Salted 200g
200gm 0.850 OMR
Butter Unsalted 400g
400gm 1.340 OMR
Butter Salted 400g
400gm 1.400 OMR
Cooking Liquid
500ml 2.060 OMR
Soft Unsalted
500gm 2.180 OMR
Roasting Spray
200ml 2.090 OMR
Organic Unsalted Butter
200gm 1.190 OMR
Butter Olive oil
250gm 1.400 OMR


Laban Full Fat
200ml 0.190 OMR
Fresh Laban Full Fat
2ltr 1.100 OMR
Mazoon Fresh Laban Low Fat 200ml
200ml 0.190 OMR
Mazoon Fresh Milk Full Fat 1ltr
1ltr 0.625 OMR
Mazoon Fresh Milk Low Fat 1ltr
1ltr 0.625 OMR
Mazoon Fresh Yoghurt Full Fat 2kg
2kg 1.380 OMR
Mazoon Fresh Yoghurt Full Fat 1kg
1kg 0.770 OMR
Mazoon Fresh Yoghurt Full Fat 400g
400gm 0.350 OMR
Mazoon Fresh Yoghurt Full Fat 170g
170gm 0.150 OMR


Table Margarine 200g
200gm 0.220 OMR
Table Margarine 500g
500gm 0.500 OMR


Out Of Stock
Indian Mutton Cuts
800gm 3.500 OMR


Sour Cream
1000gm 2.450 OMR
Whipping Cream
1000gm 2.990 OMR


Plain Greek Yoghurt 0% Fat
160gm 0.690 OMR
Greek Yoghurt Plain High in Protein
160gm 0.690 OMR
Blueberry Greek Yoghurt Low Fat
160gm 0.690 OMR
Cereal Mix Greek Yoghurt
160gm 0.690 OMR
Greek Yoghurt Plain Low Fat
160gm 0.690 OMR
Honey Greek Yoghurt
160gm 0.690 OMR
Strawberry Greek Yoghurt
160gm 0.690 OMR
Greek Yoghurt with Strawberry
500gm 1.140 OMR
Greek Plain Yoghurt 500 g
500gm 1.140 OMR
Greek Yoghurt With Honey 500 g
500gm 1.140 OMR
Blackberry & Raspberry 500g
500gm 1.140 OMR
Plain Low Fat greek Yoghurt 500g
500gm 1.140 OMR
Blueberry Low Fat & High in Protein 500 g
500gm 1.140 OMR


Nestle Cream
160gm 0.350 OMR
Sweet Condensed Milk
395gm 0.750 OMR
Cream Honey
175gm 0.380 OMR
Squeezy Sweet Condensed Milk
450gm 1.600 OMR
Light Condensed Milk
405gm 2.940 OMR
Chocolate Low Fat Milk
414ml 1.530 OMR


Labneh Pinar 400gm
400gm 2.640 OMR
Labneh Pinar 750gm
750gm 2.560 OMR
Halloumi Cheese Light
200gm 1.420 OMR
Pinar Organic Labaneh
180gm 1.350 OMR


slice Cheese 0% fat
200gm 0.890 OMR
Mozzarella Shredded
200gm 1.250 OMR


Puck White Cheese Jar
500gm 1.650 OMR
Cream Cheese 25% Less Fat
500gm 1.950 OMR
Cheddar Cheese Jar
500gm 1.480 OMR
Out Of Stock
Mozzarella Shredded Cheese
500gm 2.180 OMR
Halloumi Cheese
200gm 1.100 OMR
Slice Cheese Cheddar
200gm 0.590 OMR
Whipping Cream 1ltr
1ltr 2.070 OMR
Puck Cooking Cream
1ltr 2.340 OMR
Cream Plain
170gm 0.530 OMR
Original Cheese Slices
200gm 0.600 OMR


Condensed Milk
397ml 0.620 OMR
Full Cream Milk 1L ( Long Life)
1ltr 0.750 OMR
Rainbow Cream
170gm 0.390 OMR
Rainbow Thick Cream
125ml 0.330 OMR


Parmesan & Romano
226gm 2.990 OMR
226gm 2.990 OMR


Caffe Latte Disc
220ml 1.120 OMR
Carmel Macchiato
220ml 1.120 OMR
Cappuccino Disc
220ml 1.120 OMR

The Three Cows

Mozzarella Cheese
200gm 1.490 OMR


1kg 0.750 OMR
Cauliflower (pack)
1pack 0.950 OMR
1kg 1.600 OMR
1kg 0.550 OMR
1kg 0.790 OMR
1kg 1.090 OMR
1Bag 2.600 OMR
Out Of Stock
1Bag 1.600 OMR
Curry Leaves
300gm 0.500 OMR
Mint Leaves 1Pcs
1pcs 0.150 OMR
Local Parsley
1pcs 0.150 OMR
Local Spinach
1pcs 0.250 OMR
Local Coriander
1pcs 0.120 OMR
Green Chillies
500gm 0.900 OMR
White Mushroom (Pack)
1pack 0.800 OMR
500gm 0.800 OMR
Garlic 1 Pack
1pack 1.400 OMR
Holland Beef Tomato
1kg 3.250 OMR
Holland Roma Tomato
1kg 2.690 OMR
Holland Cherry Tomato
1pack 2.400 OMR
Green Capsicum
1kg 1.300 OMR
Red Capsicum
1kg 2.000 OMR
Iceberg Lettuce
1pcs 1.450 OMR
White Onion
1kg 1.100 OMR
1kg 1.990 OMR
1pack 0.990 OMR
Capsicum Mix
1pack 1.690 OMR
Spring Onion
1pack 0.650 OMR
1pack 1.700 OMR


Out Of Stock
Zanetti Ricotta
250gm 1.990 OMR
Pecorino Romano
200gm 2.330 OMR
Parmigiano Reggiano
200gm 3.750 OMR
Grana Padano
200gm 2.450 OMR