Breaded Chicken Popcorn
300gm 1.400 OMR
Chicken Franks 
340gm 0.850 OMR
Asaffa Frozen Chicken
10x1000gm 14.600 OMR
Breaded Zingle Chicken Strips
400gm 1.800 OMR
Breaded Chicken Fingers
1pack 1.600 OMR
Asaffa Whole chicken
1kg 1.600 OMR
Asaffa chicken
900gm 1.500 OMR
Asaffa Chicken Drumstick
1kg 2.100 OMR
Asaffa chicken happy nuggets
300gm 1.600 OMR

Al Ain

Frozen Green peas
400gm 0.625 OMR
Out Of Stock
Frozen Super Sweet Corn
500gm 0.950 OMR
Frozen Mix Veg
400gm 0.625 OMR
French Fries
1kg 1.590 OMR

Al Areesh

Chicken Chapli Kababs
1pack 1.350 OMR
Beef Chapli Kababs
1pack 1.390 OMR
Beef Sheesh Kababs
1pack 1.100 OMR
Vegetable Burger
200gm 0.850 OMR

Al Kabeer

Krazee Chicken Nuggets
400gm 1.240 OMR
Zing Chicken Fillets
465gm 1.950 OMR
Chicken Franks al kabeer
400gm 0.850 OMR
Chicken Popcorn
400gm 1.630 OMR
4 Beef Burgers
1pack 0.750 OMR
Turkish Chiken Kebabs
1pack 1.200 OMR
Falafel Al Kabeer
1kg 1.200 OMR
Al Kabeer French Fries
1kg 0.990 OMR
Al Kabeer Vegetable Burger
270gm 0.960 OMR
Out Of Stock
Spinach & Cheese Cutles
320gm 0.790 OMR
Vegetable Samosas
240gm 0.950 OMR
Cheese Samosas
240gm 1.100 OMR
Vegetable Spring Roll
240gm 0.890 OMR
Chicken Spring Roll
240gm 0.890 OMR
Chicken Samosas
240gm 0.950 OMR
Jumbo prawn Crispies
240gm 0.990 OMR
Shish Kebab
600gm 1.850 OMR
Al Kabeer Beef Kibbeh
400gm 0.990 OMR


Whole Weat Puff Pastry
400gm 0.750 OMR
Puff Pastry Square
400gm 0.650 OMR
Low Fat Puff Pastry Square
400gm 0.850 OMR


Americana Chicken Nuggets
750gm 2.500 OMR
Jumbo Beef Burger
1kg 2.350 OMR
24 Beef Burger /Arabic Spices
1344gm 2.990 OMR
13 Mimi Beef Burger
400gm 1.775 OMR
16 Beef Meat Balls
400gm 1.990 OMR
10 Super Shish Kebab Beef
600gm 1.990 OMR
10 Super Shish Kebab Mutton
600gm 1.990 OMR


Jumbo Shrimps
400gm 4.900 OMR
Cooking Shrimps
400gm 1.650 OMR
Fish Fillet
1kg 2.850 OMR

Aunt Bessies's

Out Of Stock
550gm 2.850 OMR
Out Of Stock
Sweet Potato Mash
500gm 1.950 OMR

Baskin Robbins

120ml 0.900 OMR
120ml 0.900 OMR
120ml 0.900 OMR

Gold Alex

Minced Spinach
400gm 0.290 OMR


Malai Kulfi
1ltr 1.550 OMR
1ltr 1.200 OMR
1ltr 1.500 OMR
1ltr 1.175 OMR
1ltr 1.100 OMR
1ltr 1.175 OMR


Malai Paneer
400gm 1.550 OMR
Fried Malai Paneer
200gm 0.950 OMR

London Dairy

500ml 1.525 OMR
Natural Strawberry
500ml 1.525 OMR
Pralines And Cream
500ml 1.525 OMR
 Caramel Crunch
500ml 1.525 OMR
500ml 1.525 OMR
500ml 1.550 OMR
500ml 1.725 OMR
Chocolate Hazelnut
500ml 1.490 OMR
Fruit & Cream
500ml 1.525 OMR
Cookies And Cream
500ml 1.525 OMR
Double Chocolate
500ml 1.525 OMR
Strawberry Cheesecake 
500ml 1.525 OMR
Chocolate Brownie Delight 
500ml 1.475 OMR


Super Crisp Fried Potatoes
750gm 1.750 OMR


Chicken Nuggets
270gm 1.190 OMR
Chicken Franks 
340gm 0.850 OMR
Chicken Popcorn Mini Chef
300gm 1.250 OMR
Chicken Fries Mini Chef
400gm 1.650 OMR
Chicken Pop Corn
750gm 2.450 OMR
Sadia Mini Chef
270gm 1.100 OMR
Beef Burger with Arabic Spices
1kg 1.990 OMR
Beef Burger Jumbo
10pcs 2.290 OMR
Sadia Beef Burger
672gm 1.990 OMR
Sadia Chiken Drumsticks
900gm 1.990 OMR
Sadia Chiken Thighs
900gm 1.350 OMR
Sadia ChikenWhole Legs
900gm 1.760 OMR
Out Of Stock
Sadia Chicken Breasts Bone in Skin On
900gm 1.990 OMR
Sadia French fries
2.5kg 1.900 OMR


Puff Pastry Sheets Low Fat
400gm 0.950 OMR
Out Of Stock
Puff Pastry Sheets
400gm 0.690 OMR
Pepperoni Special Pizza
470gm 1.890 OMR
Veggie Delight Pizza
470gm 1.890 OMR
Margarita Pizza
470gm 1.890 OMR
Super Supreme Pizza
470gm 1.890 OMR
Chicken Pizza
470gm 1.890 OMR
Sunbulah Pizza Crust
495gm 1.290 OMR
Small Pizza Crust
220gm 1.330 OMR


Out Of Stock
Mini Sambosa Leaves
250gm 0.450 OMR
Switz puff pastry Rectangles Butter Flavor
400gm 0.460 OMR
Switz Spring Roll Sheets (20 sheets) 165gm
160gm 0.390 OMR
Switz Spring Roll Sheets (20 sheets)
275gm 0.490 OMR


Mix Vegetables
450gm 0.625 OMR
Garden Peas
450gm 0.600 OMR
Sweet Corn
450gm 0.800 OMR


Chip Shop 2 Large Fish Fillets
320gm 4.990 OMR
Chip Shop 6 Fish Cakes
1pack 1.990 OMR
Breaded 4 Cod Fish Cakes
200gm 1.950 OMR
10 Fish Fingers
250gm 1.850 OMR