Altmas Garbage Bag
103cm 0.950 OMR


Classic Tall Kitchen Bags
13gal 2.290 OMR
Classic Large Trash Bag
30gm 2.300 OMR
Classic Trash Bags
4gm 1.150 OMR
Classic Trash Bag Sacs Pour Poubelle
30gal 1.590 OMR
Classic Trash Bags
113ltr 4.090 OMR


Sanita Club Trash Bags
10gln 1.070 OMR
Sanita Club Trash Bags
15gm 0.800 OMR

Enviro Care

Quick Tie Drawstring Bags 30Gallons
20pcs 1.350 OMR
Quick Tie Wave Top 30 Gallons
20pcs 1.350 OMR
Heavy Duty Oxo Bio-degradable Garbage Bags 10 Gallons
30pcs 0.910 OMR
Quick Tie Drawstring Bags 60 Gallons
10pcs 1.300 OMR
Heavy Duty Bio-Degradable Garbage Bag 30 Gallons
20pcs 1.790 OMR
Bio Degredable Garbage Bags 55 Gallons
15pcs 2.100 OMR
Out Of Stock
79 Gallons Bio Degradable Bags
10pcs 2.150 OMR


Glad Garbage Bag Drawstring Large
18pcs 1.346 OMR
Glad Kitchen Tidy Bag Drawstring Large
25pcs 1.363 OMR
Indoor Garbage Bags
30pcs 0.700 OMR
Out Of Stock
Kitchen Tidy Bags Oxo-Biodegradable
1pack 1.220 OMR
Glad Indoor Garbage Bag Large
110ltr 1.170 OMR


No Image
Sanita Club Garbage Bags Heavy Duty
20pcs 0.920 OMR


Samar Garbage Bag
25pcs 2.280 OMR
Samar Garbage Bag
10pcs 1.670 OMR


Tie Bag 55gallons
1pack 2.950 OMR
Sanita Trash Bags 5 Gallon
30pcs 0.690 OMR
Large Bags 50 Gallons
20pcs 2.800 OMR
Sanita Trash Bags 8 Gallon
30pcs 0.600 OMR
Sanita Trash Bags Scented Citrus
30pcs 0.640 OMR
Heavy duty (55G)
15pcs 1.950 OMR
Sanita Trash Bags Scented Citrus
30pcs 0.750 OMR
Sanita Trash Bags Scented Citrus 30x5 Gallons
30pcs 0.980 OMR

Tie Bag

Sanita Easy Garbage Bags
20pcs 2.070 OMR