Al Hatab Bakery

Extra Virgin OliveOil
250ml 2.000 OMR


Coconut & Rice Puffs Thai Chilli
25gm 0.900 OMR
Crunchy Coconut Bites Natural
30gm 1.590 OMR
Crunchy Coconut Bites Chocolate
26gm 1.590 OMR
Coconut&Rice Puffs Lightly Salted
25gm 0.900 OMR

Biscuits & Cookies

Le Cialdecacao Dark Cocoa Fan Wafer
500gm 9.900 OMR
Ventagli Gelato Fan Wafer
21pcs 9.900 OMR
Brownie Cookies Soft & Chewy 9 pack
252gm 1.500 OMR
Chocolate Chip Cookies Soft & Chewy 9packs
252gm 1.500 OMR
Mcvities Baked Mini Cheddars Original
50gm 0.425 OMR
Tuc Minis Original
200gm 1.250 OMR 1.688 OMR
No Image
Traditionally Made Orange&Chocolate Chip Biscuits
125gm 2.403 OMR
Eurocake Chocolate Molten Cake
165gm 1.280 OMR


Campisi Herb Salt
300gm 2.200 OMR 3.900 OMR


Kitkat Original
1pack 2.100 OMR
Maltesers pouch 93 gm
93gm 1.650 OMR
Galaxy Counters
112gm 1.950 OMR
Cadbury Giant Buttons
119gm 1.950 OMR
Cadbury Bitsa Wispa
110gm 1.950 OMR
Peanut Butter with Honey
1pcs 1.700 OMR
Charbonnel et Walker Milk Sea Salt Caramel Thins
200gm 9.990 OMR
Kagi Swiss Dark Chocolate Wafer Speciality
25X4gm 1.242 OMR
Kagi Classic wafer Covered with Milk Chocolate
50gm 0.525 OMR
Kagi Hazelnut Swiss Made
125gm 1.690 OMR


Diablo Hazelnut & White choco
350gm 2.950 OMR
Diablo Hazelnut & Chocolate Spread
350gm 2.950 OMR
Hazelnut Cookies
135gm 2.300 OMR
Milk Chocolate Wafers
100gm 2.300 OMR
Diablo Milk Chocolate
85gm 1.950 OMR
Diablo Hazelnut Museli Bar
30gm 1.000 OMR
Diablo Cranberry & Raspberry Museli Bar
30gm 1.000 OMR
Chocolate Chip Cookies Sugar Free
130gm 2.590 OMR
Diablo Coconut Cookies
150gm 2.590 OMR

Fortnum & Mason

Dark Chocolate Biscuits
200gm 9.500 OMR
Pistachio & Clotted Cream
200gm 9.500 OMR
Rose Biscuits
250gm 9.500 OMR
Famous Tea's 60 Bags
120gm 11.000 OMR
Black Tea's with Fruits 60 bags
120gm 11.000 OMR
Green Teas bags
120gm 11.000 OMR
Chocolossus Biscuits
600gm 11.500 OMR
Banana Extra Jam
200gm 4.000 OMR
Passionfruit Curd Jam
195gm 4.200 OMR
Salted Caramel Biscuits
200gm 7.500 OMR
Wild Organge Marmalade
200gm 4.500 OMR
Merrilossus Biscuits
600gm 11.500 OMR
Walnut & Seed Crackers
115gm 3.990 OMR
Beetroot Crackers
115gm 3.990 OMR


Carb Killa White Chocolate Cookies Protein Spreads
360gm 4.400 OMR
Carb Killa Milk Chocolate Protein Spreads
360gm 4.400 OMR
Carb Killa Cookies & Creams
60gm 2.000 OMR
Cookies & Cream Protein Shake
330ml 2.190 OMR
Fudge Brownie Protein Shake
330ml 2.190 OMR


Date Powder
250gm 1.300 OMR


Organic Damson Jam
340gm 4.500 OMR
Organic Double Chocolate
100gm 4.700 OMR
Organic Lemon Biscuits
100gm 4.700 OMR

Honest Tea

Organic Honey Green Tea
500ml 2.000 OMR


Organic Kale & Spiced Nut Toast
110gm 3.990 OMR
Organic Hazelnut & Agen Plum Toast
110gm 3.990 OMR

Hot Drink

Options Belgian Choc Salted Caramel
11gm 1.650 OMR
Maltesers Hot Chocolate
25gm 0.990 OMR


Sugar Free Crème Caramel
114gm 2.000 OMR
Sugar Free Mousse Mix
165gm 2.100 OMR

La Via Del Te

Bancha Foirito/Green Leaf Tea
90gm 5.950 OMR
Earl Grey Imperiale/ Black Leaf Tea
90gm 5.950 OMR
Fior Di Zagara/Black Leaf Tea
90gm 5.950 OMR


Lily's Sweets Sugar Free Semi-Sweet Chocolate
225gm 9.900 OMR
Lily's Sweets Sugar Free Milk Chocolate
225gm 9.900 OMR


Lebanese Seasoning
199gm 2.350 OMR

Max Sport

Protein Snack With Spicy Flavour
45gm 1.755 OMR
Protein Snack With Sweet Chilli Flavour
45gm 1.755 OMR
Protein Snack With Salt&Black Pepper
45gm 1.755 OMR

Popped Lotus Seeds

Lotus- Salt & Vinegar
35gm 0.500 OMR
Out Of Stock
Lotus- Jalapeno
35gm 0.600 OMR
Lotus-Cheese & Chives
35gm 0.600 OMR
Lotus-Salt & Pepper
35gm 0.600 OMR
Lotus-Thai Sweet Chilli
35gm 0.600 OMR

Products from Italy

DeCarlo Cherry Tomato Bruschetta
100gm 3.500 OMR
DeCarlo Green Olive Bruschetta
100gm 3.900 OMR
DeCarlo Black Olive Bruschetta
100gm 3.500 OMR

Sister Bakeology

Cheese Sweet
1pack 15.000 OMR
Saffron Cupcake
24pcs 11.000 OMR
Banana Cupcake
24pcs 11.000 OMR


Rejuvenating Pearl Mask
18gm 2.970 OMR
Age Defying Collagen Mask
18gm 2.970 OMR
Illuminating Arbutin Mask
18gm 2.970 OMR


Chocolate Spread Hazelnut & Olive Oil
250gm 6.990 OMR
Cioccolato AL latte No Added Sugar
100gm 5.000 OMR
Caremino Pistacchio
100gm 5.900 OMR
Cioccolato AL latte Milk Chocolate
100gm 4.000 OMR 5.000 OMR
Pistacchi & Mandorle Salate
100gm 5.000 OMR
Milk Chocolate Spread Hazelnut & Olive Oil
300gm 6.990 OMR
White Chocolate Spread Hazelnut & Olive Oil
300gm 7.000 OMR
Nocciolata No Added Sugar
100gm 5.000 OMR


Poppable Crispy Potato Bites BBQ Rib Flavour
110gm 1.250 OMR 1.690 OMR
Poppable Crispy Potato Bites Sweet Chilli
110gm 1.250 OMR 1.690 OMR
Poppable Crispy Potato Bites Cheddar Cheese Flavour
110gm 1.250 OMR 1.690 OMR