Mango Slice Pickle
450gm 0.750 OMR


Aeroplane Mango Slice Pickle
450gm 0.650 OMR
Chilli Pickle
400gm 0.380 OMR
Lemon Pickle
400gm 0.380 OMR
Mango Chilli Pickle
400gm 0.380 OMR
Aeroplane Lemon Chilly Pickle
400gm 0.378 OMR

Al Dayaa

Al Dayaa Pickled Wild Cucumber
100gm 1.460 OMR
Mixed Pickles Al Dayaa
1kg 1.250 OMR
Pickled Cucumber
1kg 1.460 OMR

Al Rabih

Pickled Cucumber 1kg
1kg 1.450 OMR
Pickled Mixed 1kg
1kg 1.380 OMR
Pickled Pepper 900g
900gm 1.380 OMR
Al Rabih Mixed Pickle in Brine
1000gm 1.660 OMR
Al Rabih Pickled Grape Leaves
1kg 2.000 OMR

Al Sanaa

Pitted Green Olives
170gm 0.860 OMR
Al Sanaa Stuffed Eggplant
600gm 2.230 OMR
Al Sanaa Cucumber Pickles
600gm 0.910 OMR
Al Sanaa Vegetables Pickles
600gm 0.850 OMR

American Garden

Pickled Cucumbers Dill Flavored
530gm 0.990 OMR
Relish Sweet Diced
454gm 1.200 OMR
Jalapeno Pepper
454gm 1.850 OMR
Hamburger Pickles
530gm 1.260 OMR
Petite Cucumber Pickles Dill Flavored
907gm 0.930 OMR
Hamburger Dill Falvored Pickles
320oz 1.110 OMR


American Classic Dill Pickles
946ml 1.080 OMR


Mixed Pickle in Olive Oil
300gm 0.820 OMR

Camel Pickle

Chili Pickle
400gm 0.360 OMR


Cypressa Roasted Red Peppers
465gm 2.750 OMR


Dabee Mixed Pickle
400gm 0.330 OMR
Dabee Green Chili Pickle
380gm 0.324 OMR


Moules Catalane
350gm 1.950 OMR


Exotic Green Curry Paste
220gm 0.960 OMR

Indian Classic

Lemon Pickle in Edible Oil
400gm 0.427 OMR

Mama Africa’s

Mama Africa’s Pickled Jalapenos
400gm 2.050 OMR


Out Of Stock
Hot Lime Pickle
250gm 1.340 OMR


Mother's Recipe Kerala Mango Pickle
300gm 0.810 OMR
Mother's Rec-Mango Chhundo Pickle
375gm 0.810 OMR
Kerala Mango Pickle
400gm 0.760 OMR

Mother's Recipe

Green Chili Pickle
300gm 0.702 OMR
Methia Mango Pickle
300gm 0.702 OMR
Kerala Lime Pickle
400gm 0.756 OMR


Namakin Chilli Pickle
1kg 1.270 OMR
Namakin Baby Cucumber
700gm 1.850 OMR


National Mixed Pickle
1kg 1.410 OMR
Hyderabadi Mango Pickle In Oil
320gm 0.594 OMR


Nirapara Cut Mango Pickle
300gm 0.920 OMR
Nirapara Kaduku Mango Pickle
400gm 0.900 OMR
Nirapara Tender Mango Pickle
400gm 1.380 OMR
Nirapara Hot Lime Pickle
300gm 0.900 OMR
Nirapara Garlic Pickle
300gm 1.190 OMR

old el paso

Sliced Green Jalapeno's
215gm 2.500 OMR
Chopped Green Chiles
127gm 0.825 OMR

Old Elpaso

Old El Paso Chopped Green Chilies
4oz 1.006 OMR

Peppadew Piquante

Peppadew Piquante Peppers
400gm 2.400 OMR


Pran Pickle Mango
400gm 0.580 OMR
Pran Pickle Olive
400gm 0.580 OMR
Pran Pickle Chilli
400gm 0.630 OMR
Pran Mixed Pickle
400gm 0.580 OMR


Goose Berry Pickle
300gm 0.840 OMR
Priya Cut Mango Pickle
300gm 0.840 OMR
Priya Drum Stick Pickle
300gm 0.840 OMR
Priya Garlic Pickle
300gm 0.940 OMR
Priya Gongura Pickle
300gm 0.840 OMR
Priya Chilli Pickle
300gm 0.840 OMR
Priya Bitteruard Pickle
300gm 0.840 OMR
Priya Lime Pickle
300gm 0.840 OMR
Priya Mango Pickle
300gm 0.840 OMR
Priya Mixed Vegetable Pickle
300gm 0.840 OMR
Out Of Stock
Priya Onion Pickle
300gm 0.840 OMR
Priya Red Chilli Pickle
300gm 0.840 OMR
Priya Tender Mango Pickle
300gm 0.870 OMR
Out Of Stock
Priya Ginger & Garlic Paste
300gm 0.950 OMR


Shan Chilli Pickle
1kg 1.330 OMR


Shaws Apricot Ginger Chutney
200gm 2.933 OMR

Virginia Green Garden

100gm 2.100 OMR