Whole Green Olives
470gm 0.870 OMR

Al Dayaa

Pickled Wild Cucumber
1kg 1.360 OMR
Pickled Mixed
1kg 1.200 OMR
Pickled Cucumber
1kg 1.300 OMR

Al Mudhish

Al Mudhish Tomato Paste 70g
70gm 0.100 OMR
Tomato Paste 70gmx25
25x70gm 1.250 OMR
Al Mudhish Tomato Paste
200gm 0.220 OMR

Al Rabih

Pickled Cucumber 1kg
1kg 1.380 OMR
Pickled Mixed 1kg
1kg 1.380 OMR
Pickled Pepper 900g
900gm 1.380 OMR


Processed Peas
400gm 0.380 OMR
Chick peas
400gm 0.390 OMR
Baked Beans with Tomato Sauce220
220gm 0.250 OMR
Baked Beans with Tomato Sauce
400gm 0.390 OMR

American Garden

Diced Tomatoes
411gm 0.580 OMR
Pickled Cucumbers Dill Flavored
530gm 0.910 OMR
Out Of Stock
Tomatoes Crushed
425gm 0.600 OMR
Relish Sweet Dicet
454gm 0.690 OMR
Sweet Corn Whole Kernel
340gm 0.420 OMR
Chickpeas 400gm
400gm 0.420 OMR
Jalapeno Pepper
454gm 1.600 OMR
Pickled Hamburger
530gm 1.240 OMR
Petite Cucumber Pickles Dill Flavored
907gm 0.920 OMR
Sweet Corn Whole Kernel 180g
180gm 0.390 OMR


Organic Pesto Sauce With Tomato
180gm 3.890 OMR
Organic Green Olive Spread
180gm 3.890 OMR
Organic Black Olive Spread
180gm 3.890 OMR


Organic Blackeye Beans
400gm 1.400 OMR
Garden Peas Young and Tender
350gm 1.350 OMR
Gherkins Sweet Sour
350gm 2.290 OMR
Organic Soya Beans
350gm 1.200 OMR
Chilli Beans
395gm 0.950 OMR
Organic Biona Chick Peas
400gm 0.750 OMR

California Garden

Pineapple Slices In Light Syrup 425g
425gm 0.700 OMR
Tropical Fruit Cocktail In Light Syrup
565gm 0.650 OMR
Baked Beans In Tomato Sauce 420g
420gm 0.430 OMR
White solid tuna in olive oil
185gm 1.000 OMR
Pineapple slices in light syrup
227gm 0.450 OMR
Tropical Fruit Cocktail
227gm 0.450 OMR
Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce
220gm 0.200 OMR
California Garden Chickpeas
400gm 0.420 OMR
Light Chunks of Tuna in Water
185gm 0.890 OMR
Light Solid Tuna in Water
185gm 0.850 OMR
White Solid Tuna In Sunflower Oil
185gm 1.000 OMR
Egyption Recipe Fava Beans
450gm 0.480 OMR
Whole Kernel Sweet Corn
200gm 0.420 OMR
450gm 0.460 OMR
Fava Beans Lebanese Recipe
450gm 0.490 OMR
Pineapple Chunks in Light Syrup 425 gm
425gm 0.750 OMR
Light Solid Tuna In Water and Salt
185gm 0.870 OMR


Organic Pinto Beans
425gm 1.530 OMR
Organic Refried Black Beans
454gm 2.100 OMR
Organic Red Beans
425gm 1.900 OMR


Organic Butter Beans
400gm 1.000 OMR
Organic Chickpeas
400gm 1.200 OMR
Organic Bean Cuisine
400gm 1.200 OMR
Organic Cannellini Beans
400gm 1.200 OMR
Organic Red Kidney Beans
400gm 1.275 OMR
Organic Haricot Beans
400gm 1.200 OMR
Italian Chopped Tomatoes with Basil
400gm 0.650 OMR
Greek Style Whole Black Olives
155gm 1.350 OMR
Stoneless Green Olives
235gm 1.350 OMR


Plain Green Olives 270 gm
270gm 0.790 OMR
Pitted Green Olives 212
212gm 0.960 OMR
Plain Black Olives 270
270gm 0.930 OMR
Plain Green Olives
920gm 1.650 OMR

Full Circle

Organic Garbanzo Beans
425gm 1.100 OMR
Organic Golden Corn
425gm 1.150 OMR
Organic Refried Beans Vegetarian
454gm 1.100 OMR
Organic Diced Tomatos
411gm 1.150 OMR

Green Giant

Green Giant Red Kidney Beans Can
420gm 0.620 OMR
Green Giant Chopped Tomatoes
400gm 0.690 OMR
Green Gaint Butter Beans
420gm 0.750 OMR


Baked Beans 200 gm
200gm 0.300 OMR
Baked Beans 415 gm
415gm 0.590 OMR
Sweet Corn
400gm 0.490 OMR
Chick peas 400gm
400gm 0.490 OMR
No Added Sugar Beans in Tomato Sauce
200gm 0.450 OMR
Heinz Tomato Paste
135gm 0.200 OMR


Tomato Paste 135gmx8 without salt
135X8gm 1.100 OMR
KDD Tomato Paste 135gm
135gm 0.190 OMR


Hot Mango Pickle
250gm 1.340 OMR
Hot Lime Pickle
250gm 1.340 OMR
Hot Mixed Pickle
250gm 1.340 OMR
Green Chili Pickle
250gm 1.340 OMR


Pizza Sauce
400gm 0.800 OMR
Peeled Tomatoes
400gm 0.850 OMR
Cherry Tomatoes
400gm 0.990 OMR

old el paso

Sliced Green Jalapeno
215gm 1.100 OMR
Hot Jalapeno Slices
340gm 1.450 OMR
Chopped Green Chiles
127gm 0.825 OMR
Fat Free Refried Beans
453gm 1.012 OMR

Organic larder

Organic Tomato Sauce With Olive Capers
300gm 0.990 OMR
Organic Corn in Brine
340gm 1.100 OMR
Organic Peas in Brine
350gm 1.100 OMR
Out Of Stock
Organic Tomato Paste
200gm 1.210 OMR
Organic Chickpeas in Brine
350gm 1.100 OMR


No Sulfites Added Garbanzo Beans
425gm 0.860 OMR

Virginia Green Garden

Baked Beans In Tomato Sauce 400g
400gm 0.170 OMR
Sardine In Chill Sauce
155gm 0.160 OMR
Mango Pickles
400gm 0.550 OMR
Lime Pickles
400gm 0.550 OMR
Strawberry 420gm
420gm 0.750 OMR
Fruit Cocktail
840gm 0.780 OMR
Mango Slices
425gm 0.610 OMR
Mix Pickles
400gm 0.550 OMR
Garlic Pickles
400gm 0.550 OMR
Foul Medamas 400 gm
400gm 0.160 OMR
Spanish plain black olives
370gm 2.330 OMR
Spanish plain green olives
370gm 2.330 OMR
Grape leaves
930gm 2.330 OMR
100gm 2.330 OMR
Green Chilli Pickle
400gm 0.590 OMR
Whole Kernel Sweet Corn
425gm 0.490 OMR
Cream Style Corn Ready to Eat
425gm 0.490 OMR
Pear Halves in Light Syrup
840gm 0.890 OMR
Whole Young Corn in Vinegar
340gm 0.590 OMR
Young Whole Corn Ready to Eat
400gm 0.490 OMR
Mushrooms Choice Whole
400gm 0.490 OMR
Mixed Vegetables Ready to Eat
400gm 0.490 OMR